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– Overcome Relational Wounds
– Follow a Proven Recovery Plan
– Experience a Passionate Marriage

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Scott & Sherry McKown

Marriage Mentors / Certified Relational Wealth Adviors™


There Is A Way That Works

We understand how hard marriage can be. In 2009, we went through a year-long separation and almost divorced. After working through our relational wounds, betrayal, and rebuilding trust, our marriage turned around. Now we guide couples into a proven process to overcome deep challenges and experience a passionate, loving marriage.

What does Verapha mean?

“vera” – Latin word for “true”
“rapha” – Hebrew word for “healing”

VERAPHA = True Healing


Couples need three components to overcome marital challenges

None of us received a “How To Succeed In Marriage” handbook when we got married. We modeled what we saw and experienced growing up. Couples need a new plan, relational tools, and guidance to overcome marital challenges.

  • PLAN – Clear & Unified Vision
  • TOOLS – New Methods for Engagement
  • ACCOUNTABILITY – Trusted & Encouraging Guide


What Will Happen, If Your Relationship Isn’t Healed…

Depression, Loneliness, Isolation

Loss of Hope and Happiness

Separation / Divorce

Affairs, Destructive Decisions

Chronic Stress / Sleep Deprivation

Financial Distress

Negative Impact on Children


Ready for a change in your marriage?

It’s not a lack of effort. It’s the lack of knowing how. 64% of divorced individuals say they didn’t want the divorce. They moved forward because they didn’t know how to overcome the hurtful past and bring positive change in their relationship.

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Execute Plan

Work with Scott & Sherry in your Recovery Plan, learning new Relational Tools to overcome challenges.

Enjoy Thriving Marriage

Experience the passionate love you were created to enjoy and connect with your spouse at a deeper level.


Give Your Marriage the Gift of “True Healing”

Experience Love & Passion

Gain Respect & Value

Feel Heard & Understood

Remain Connected & United

Live a Fulfilled Life with Purpose

Create a Healthy Family Legacy

What clients are saying about Scott & Sherry…

“Scott and Sherry’s own story gave us hope to try one more time. We are still working through a lot of hard issues, but they continue to give us more hope than anything else we have tried.”


Wife from Canada

“My wife and I work in our business together, and it’s been hard. I felt like we were going to lose our marriage, but Scott and Sherry helped us learn how to communicate and work through our conflicts. It’s been over a decade since we felt this close.”


Franchise Operator from Arizona

“We are starting to peel the layers of the onion back to discover our deeper issues. Going through this process together is helping me feel more heard, honored, and emotionally safe.”

Business Owner Wife

From Indiana

Scott & Sherry McKown

Marriage Mentors
Certified Relational Wealth Advisors™

There is a reason the mentoring model is so effective. You need a guide who has walked the hard road, understands what you are going through, and has come out the other side thriving not just surviving.

Through our proprietary process, you get a customized plan, with the right tools, and accountability to help you transform your marriage into the relationship you deserve and long to have.

We don’t tell you how, we show you how!

Schedule a call today and learn how you can experience the transformational difference in your marriage. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

God bless,

Scott & Sherry McKown