Verapha Marriage Mentoring

Getting on the right pathway to a healthy and thriving marriage.

  • Overcome relational wounds
  • Follow a proven recovery plan
  • Experience a passionate marriage

Providing you support, encouragement, and guidance into the marriage you desire

Is Marriage Mentoring right for you?

Having a Marriage Mentor in your corner is different than working with a licensed or pastoral counselor. A good mentor has several attributes which are valuable to your success. They have been down difficult road(s), similar to what you are going through, and victoriously come out the other side. They understand the hardships you face in your marriage and how it affects your life. They have learned how to overcome the hardest of challenges and know how to help others do the same. They walk in the journey with you because they understand you will need help and encouragement. Having a Marriage Mentor means you aren’t alone. Having the right Marriage Mentor is the difference to your success.

In the Verapha Marriage Mentoring process, you get extensive access to Scott & Sherry. They will guide you into the practices and principles that are universal in making a relationship work. Let’s face it, none of us were given a “how-to” manual when we got married. But, what if you had something better? Having Scott & Sherry work with you is more than just obtaining a marriage manual. You don’t need more information, you need real transformation. Having someone show you how to work successfully through your relational challenges, and guiding you in real-time with effective tools, will create a healthy environment for transformational growth.

What type of relational challenges can be helped through the Verapha Marriage Mentoring process?

Couples who are dealing with the following issues make a good fit for the Verapha Marriage Mentoring process.

  • Struggling with issues from a previous marriage(s)
  • Contemplating or in a separation
  • Recovering from affair(s)
  • Constant arguments
  • Extended period of disconnection
  • and more…

What does working with a Marriage Mentor look like?

Working with Scott & Sherry will give you hope that no matter how bad it is, your marriage can be saved! They overcame extreme challenges in unfaithfulness, a year-long separation, and two decades of destructive behaviors. These issues, which drive most marriages to fail, ultimately drove them into the answers that saved their marriage. What they learned, is what they help others do today. 

The process they guide you through isn’t theory. It not only changed their marriage, it continues to change the marriages of those they work with.

Working with Scott & Sherry gives your marriage what it needs to overcome the most difficult of relational challenges so you can experience the thriving marriage you deserve. Working with them, you will…

  • Discover how you and your spouse are uniquely created to effectively work together through conflict
  • Understand how to overcome your challenges with research-driven tools and experience a deeper connection
  • Plan a proven pathway towards healing in your marriage with accountability and encouragement

What kind of time commitment is involved?

To have effective impact and lasting growth in your marriage, you need to designate emotional, intellectual, and physical energy towards your personal growth and your relationship. It will require a commitment of your time, and yet, the benefits are worth it.

The Verapha Marriage Mentoring process is what we refer to as our Level 2 program. It is designed for a couple with a busy lifestyle. It includes a Mentoring Session with Scott & Sherry working collectively with you and your spouse. This is where you will learn and experience the process that changes your relationship. A session is 3 hours and can be scheduled throughout the week from Monday through Thursday. There are morning, afternoon, and evening slots available. The sessions can be in-person or Zoom calls.

During the weeks between the sessions, you will have a quick Connection Call. Some weeks, there will be individual calls with the husband and Scott and the wife with Sherry. Other weeks, all four parties will join together on one call. These Connection Calls are scheduled for 20 to 30 mins. The purpose is to help encourage you in your plan and goals, and answer any further questions.

Here’s how a typical monthly schedule looks.

Week 1 – Mentoring Session #1: 3 hrs.
(scheduled during a weekday: morning, afternoon, or evening)

Week 2 – Connection Call: 20-30 min.
(scheduled during a weekday – husband with Scott and wife with Sherry)

Week 3 – Mentoring Session #2: 3 hrs.
(scheduled during a weekday: morning, afternoon, or evening)

Week 4 – Connection Call: 20-30 min.
(scheduled during a weekday – conferencing in all four parties)

Helpful Terminology:
Session Series is equal to 1 Mentoring Session and 1 Connection Call (typically over a 2 wk period)
Season of Sessions is up to 12 Session Series (typically 6 months with 2 Session Series per month)

What it takes for effective growth.
We request couples to commit for 1 Season of Sessions at a time. In other words, we want to see couples consistently doing a Session one week and a Connection Call the following week for 12 times in a row. This would yield the consistency needed for real impact and lasting growth in the relationship. This is not a contractual commitment, but is what we have seen over the years to make real and lasting impact.

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