Pathways To Thrive

Marriage Intensive

Level 1

1 – 3 Sequential Sessions

No Term Commitment

Day Session: 1 – 3 Full Days

Qty of Sessions: As Needed

Work with Scott & Sherry

Connection Calls: 1x/wk
(up to 3 wks)

For couples in extreme crisis. Intensives provide hope for the future, experience with effective tools, and guidance to develop a long-term plan towards a healthy marriage.

Verapha Marriage Mentoring

Level 2

10 – 12 Sessions

3 to 6 Months

Weekly: 3 hr Session

Qty of Sessions: 2 – 4x/mo

Work with Scott & Sherry

Connection Calls: 1x/wk
(between sessions)

For the busy lifestyle with limited capacity of time and resources

Relational Wealth Advisors™

Level 3

12 Sessions

12 Months

Monthly: 2 Full Days

Qty of Sessions: 1x per month

Work with Scott & Sherry

Connection Calls: 1x/wk
(between sessions)

For the professional with expanded availability of time and resources

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this traditional counseling?

No, this is not a traditional counseling. We are not licensed counselors. What we offer is a more comprehensive process to helping you thrive in marriage and help you work towards independence, not dependence upon a counselor.

A good way to understand what we do is think of us as your marriage mentor.

First, we help you identify an effective plan based on your specific needs. Next, we show you how to use the best relational tools to implement that plan and start to thrive in your marriage. Finally, we stay in close communication with you throughout our time together, to help you stay encouraged, on track, and answer any questions.

When your time is complete with us, you will have worked through some hard issues, experienced a level of connection and closeness you may not have felt in years (or ever), and have the confidence and skills to thrive in your marriage and experience the love, joy, and passion you deserve.

What can you expect when you work with us?

We are trained in a unique and powerful process providing several benefits over traditional counseling. Here are just a few ways your experience with us is different.

1) We limit how many and who we work with. The level of depth and the amount of time we spend with our couples is a large commitment. Depending upon the program, our sessions range from 3 hours to a full day. This allows for time to discover the issues, understand healthy ways to address them, and experience relational tools in a safe environment for measured growth and connection.

2) For couples engaged in either the Marriage Intensive or the Verapha Marriage Mentoring program, most (not all) are dealing with a crisis. Common issues are affairs, separation, considering divorce, or a multitude of other destructive challenges. Because each relational challenge is unique, our process is not a one-size-fits-all approach. A pre-packed program cannot be effective in addressing unique struggles. Couples dealing with hard issues need a mentor who empathetically understands their challenges, can guide them towards a pathway of healing, and provide new relational tools for the couple to use.

3) In contrast, families engaged in our Relational Wealth Advisors program, are not typically in crisis. While there may be struggles within the family unit which the RWA process helps to connect and restore, the objective of the RWA process is to prepare high net worth families for the transfer of wealth. There is a process for working with an individual couple, as well as, working with multiple generations. For more information on this process, click here.

4) In all of our programs, you are not alone. We have weekly scheduled connection calls in-between our sessions to keep you encouraged, answer your questions, and help you stay on the path to success.

5) Our approach is not theoretical. We have been in the depths of a marriage with broken trust and at the doorstep of divorce (see About section to learn more). We understand what it is like to go through the hardest of challenges and wonder if it’s worth the effort to continue. However, today we are experiencing the blessings of a thriving marriage. But, don’t get us wrong. At times, we still have challenges and have to work through issues. The difference today is we know how to approach our challenges and have the tools to overcome them. Our conflicts are a road leading us to closeness and connection, not division and hurt. Those we work with are experiencing this as well, and so can you!

6) When it comes to the principles of a healthy relationship, we don’t tell you how, we SHOW you how! Contrary to working with an individual counselor, when you work with us, you get the power and perspective of TWO. We operate as Scott AND Sherry. The combination of a proven process with our experience guiding you through your journey leads couples into healthy relationships.

There is hope! Most of our couples have already spent time and resources on counseling, only to still struggle. If that was you, we commend you for trying and not giving up! However, if you are ready for a fresh start and want someone to help guide you into a proven plan, then let’s talk!

Click Schedule Call to get started. We are looking forward to speaking soon. 

What is your process like?

Depending upon your needs, goals, and capacity, we have a process to help you develop a successful plan towards a thriving marriage.

Marriage Intensives
If you are stuck and need to spend a few days with focused attention to address some challenging relational issues, then working with Scott & Sherry in a Marriage Intensive can guide you into the right direction towards relational health. To learn more, click here.

Verapha Marriage Mentors
If you are challenged in overcoming unhealthy patterns causing stress, feelings of isolation and loneliness, or questioning whether to remain married, then you may need consistent guidance over a period of time. Through the Verapha Marriage Mentoring process, Scott & Sherry guide couples into a proven proprietary system, turning days of crisis into days of passion. To learn more, click here.

Relational Wealth Advisors™
If you are a successful business owner or professional and you need help with building a strong relational foundation for your family’s legacy, then you need the guidance of Certified Relational Wealth Advisors™, Scott & Sherry. Through the unique and powerful Relational Wealth Process™, developed by RWA, your family builds a firm foundation of relational skills creating a high level of trust and unity. Whether you are coming from a relational crisis or wanting to go from “good to great”, this powerful process is what high net worth families are doing today to insure success for their next generations. To learn more, click here.

How much does it cost?

We do not post our pricing online. We provide a personalized quote, after we assess with you, what is required and expected to help you achieve your relational goals.

For those who need financial assistance, we have generous donors who can provide partial scholarships. These scholarships are only for certain programs. Do not let money or the fear of costs be an obstacle to reaching out. If you need help, let’s talk and see if collectively, we are a good fit.