Relational Wealth Advisors™

Helping High Net Worth Families Thrive for Generations

70% of family wealth is lost by the 2nd generation (90% lost by 3rd gen)


60% – breakdown of trust & communication

25% – failure to prepare heirs

10% – lack of clear family vision

5% – improper financial & legal preparation

Don’t let your family be on the wrong side of a statistic!

What is a Relational Wealth Advisor?

Relational Wealth Advisors™ (RWA) was founded by Eric and Jennifer Garcia, to help high net worth families build healthy relationships and unity to successfully transition wealth and family legacy from one generation to the next.

The reason why? Because 70% of family wealth is lost by the second generation and 90% is lost by the third generation. Families of high net worth have a unique opportunity to positively influence their community and culture. However, if the internal family structure has dysfunctional challenges, then the foundation for that influence will be lost in the next generations. The role of a Relational Wealth Advisor is to guide families in building a supportive environment for healthy communication, understanding, trust, and unity.

Through attending the same church, Eric and Jennifer had an influence in Scott and Sherry’s recovery during their year-long separation and journey towards healing. Because of this positive impact, Scott and Sherry started to inquire more about the work Eric and Jennifer were doing and ultimately became certified as Relational Wealth Advisors™. Today, Scott and Sherry enjoy working with families of high net worth through the successful Relational Wealth Process™.

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What is the Relational Wealth Process™?

Three core elements provide structure towards a proprietary process helping families build trust and unity.


Utilizing best-in-class assessments, having candid conversations and active listening tools, a baseline of the family’s strengths and challenges is discovered. This will identify areas of need and create a healthy environment towards building trust so healing can take place.


Becoming aware of what is discovered, meaningful engagement and exercising of relational tools will cause a deeper level of connection, trust, and unity.


Through insight of what is discovered and understood, a plan will develop. Goals will be established, tracked, and measured. Plans will include using research-proven tools so the family experiences new healthy dynamics and creates a DNA of trust and unity.

The impact of this proprietary process is families learn how to identify their issues in a healthy and respectful way, address those challenges through practices that unify them, and experience deeper levels of connection bonding the family closer together. The result is a structure and foundation to sustain the family legacy and transferring of wealth, in an honoring way.

    What kind of commitment is involved?

    Working with couples and families requires a more exhaustive approach and commitment of time and resources. The RWA process is our most complete approach to addressing relational issues and provides each family access to Scott & Sherry through structured and uninterrupted commitments.

    The typical commitment is for a year and includes twelve monthly sessions of two full days back-to-back, and weekly connection calls between the sessions. This allows time to work through relational challenges, measure progress, lower tension, and rebuild trust.

    Monthly 2-Day Session
    (2 full days in a row during any part of the month)

    Weekly Connection Call: 20-30 min.
    (scheduled during off weeks from the 2-Day session)

    Pricing Available Upon Request

    To inquire more about this process and find out availability, please email us at [email protected] or click the “Schedule Call” button below.