Marriage Intensive

Wish there was a “reset” button for your marriage?

Are you lacking the hope your marriage can change?
Does it feel like you’re climbing a never-ending mountain?
Not sure your marriage is going to last?

A Marriage Intensive will guide your relationship into a healthy direction!

Is a Marriage Intensive right for you?

Our Marriage Intensive helps a couple-in-crisis deal with 911 issues. For example, if you had an extreme medical condition, our Marriage Intensive is like going to the E.R. for immediate care. Our Marriage Mentoring programs are more like going to your doctor, discovering a health issue, and implementing lifestyle changes to improve your health.

The Marriage Intensive is designed to help you both take a pause, assess the root issues, address those issues with new and effective tools, experience levels of healing, and develop your next steps with a plan for a thriving marriage.

If you are stuck and not sure about the future of your marriage, then the Marriage Intensive is for you.

What type of issues are typical for a couple who participates in our Marriage Intensive?

Our Marriage Intensive is designed to help couples dealing with issues like the following:

  • Contemplating or in separation/divorce
  • Affair(s)
  • Overwhelming conflict
  • Challenges from prior marriage(s)
  • Stuck and not sure how to move forward
  • and more…

What does the Marriage Intensive look like?

Our Marriage Intensive is three full days working exclusively with Scott and Sherry. Starting with some prep work before the three days begin, you will find our time to be a safe place to process your issues, hurts, and experience healing.

This is a brief overview into some of what the Marriage Intensive will cover.

Prep Work (prior to 3-day Marriage Intensive)

  • Take Assessment Tools
  • 90-min Zoom Call with Scott & Sherry
  • Learn how to best prepare for the 3 days

Day 1: Discovery – we dive into the process of discovering yourselves, your situation, and some important tools needed

  • Discovering a deeper level of yourself and your spouse (Assessment Tools)
  • Relational tools – 3 C’s – How to Communicate in the midst of Conflict leading to deeper Connection
  • What does the direction for healing your marriage look like? What are the pitfalls to avoid?

Day 2: Understanding – within a safe environment, we guide you into our unique process which helps you have a deeper understanding of how to overcome relational challenges. The experience in day 2 is where most couples have their biggest “ah-ha” moments.

  • Why are we stuck and how can it change?
  • 3 components needed for success in your relationship
  • Experience the freedom which comes from true forgiveness

Day 3: Planning – recap the growth from prior days, learn tools needed to stay on track, and develop your next steps for a clear plan

  • The 4 R’s keeping you in the right mindset
  • How to overcome fear and stay on track
  • Develop your next steps to a thriving marriageĀ 

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You can have and deserve a great marriage!