Who are Scott & Sherry?

About Us

We help couples-in-crisis overcome relational challenges so they can experience love, joy, and passion at a deeper level with their spouse.

Hope is real. Relational healing is possible!

01. The Beginning

We met and fell in love in college. Got married in 1991, moved to Arizona, and raised our family of four amazing children. We began our marriage fully committed to each other, but had no idea where our journey would lead us.

02. The Challenge

Through years of suffering tragic losses in multiple areas, we did not know how to process those heartaches in healthy ways. It exposed the cracks in our identity and our marriage began to suffer. Betraying decisions were discovered leading to a year-long separation in 2009.

03. The Result

With grace, truth, and time, we utilized a process guiding us into healing our marriage and restoring trust. We have discovered ways to overcome our deepest wounds. Since 2012, we have guided couples-in-crisis through a proven pathway to heal their own marriage.


Your Marriage Can Too

The pathway to overcoming relational heartaches and challenges contain three important elements.

PLAN – Clear & Unified Vision
TOOLS – New Methods for Engagement
ACCOUNTABILITY – Trusted & Encouraging Guide


Separations End In Divorce


Divorced Individuals Did Not Want To Divorce

A Proven Method for Transformation

Your Guide to Success

Providing Your Marriage the right Plan, Tools, and Accountability

“This is my 3rd marriage and her 2nd marriage as a blended family. We finally have some helpful ways for us to understand each other at a deeper level without arguing. We even use these tools to connect with our children. It’s made an impact in our whole family.”

Tom & Stacey

Retired Business Owners from Arizona

“Sherry’s ability to understand what I’m going through has helped me see there is real hope for my marriage.”


Wife from California

“Scott is helping me through my separation. Counseling wasn’t providing me what I needed. He understands what each day is like and having someone to talk through these hard times with, is priceless.”


Executive From Wisconsin


What We Do Best


Marriage Intensive

3 days of intensive relational work to discover your pathway into a healthy marriage

Verapha Marriage Mentoring

3-hour sessions twice a month with weekly connection calls, for up to 6 months

Relational Wealth Advisor™

2 full-day sessions with weekly connection calls every month, for 1 year

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